Friday, May 25, 2007

More stuff

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Gas stop, Lebanon, IN. When I saw this sign I realized this is the same place I stopped last year. There's a phone under the sign where you can call the Bondsman and he'll arrive in 15 minutes.

Looks like rain

...or maybe not, but I'm heading home. Got a headache that won't quit and I think I found all I'm going to find in southwestern Ohio. Indianapolis radio is calling me Westward. DuPage county hamfest in a few weeks will pick up the slack. And there's always Maxwell Street market tomorrow morning.

Friday, May 18, 2007


Sunburn, hunger, not all that much good stuff at the 'fest. I may just head home in the morning. But as of right now, Stargate is on.

First day down

Back at the hotel now, a little sunburned and some swollen feet, but holding up. Drove around looking for lunch but found nothing that struck me, so my hunger and desire to nap are locked in battle. I think the sleep will win out right now. If I don't sleep too long I'll wake up rested and hungry.

The 'fest is a little disappointing, as last year. No incredible "find" yet to make it worth the travel and expense (which is supposed to be an end unto itself, I know.) Today brought a couple CoCo accessories (a modem and an expander cart,) a Western Electric 556a KSU (controller for old office phone system,) a pair of HP 94 industrial computers with no power supplies and a very old HP 8" floppy drive ("Flexible Disk.") The model # isn't handy as it's still out in the car, but it's safe to assume I will never attach it to anything. But when has that stopped me from buying 31 year old hardware?

Bunch of guys that went to Libya with their radios.

Real Enigma mechanical encryption machines. Prices started around $3000.


This C64 is for Unclassified data processing only.


We can see here an Imasi 8080, a Bell and Howell "Black Apple" //, a Heathkit H-8 and a Hero Jr. robot, all for way too much $.

Big pile o'cables

This is what happens when you leave them in a room unattended.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

And here it is...

I couldn't get a close enough picture of the more impressive sign I first saw from the highway, a tall, stark black-on-white that read only "CHEEKS."

Dayton skyline

Motel livin'

Checked in to the Knight's Inn, Miamisburg (according to the receipt) or West Carrolton (according to the water tower right across the street.) Conveniently placed on I-75 in the same lot as a Perkins and a Bob Evans. Good eatin' guaranteed. And I spotted something else just down the road that I'll post later when I have a pic. A few antennae on cars in the lot here, even 15 miles outside of town. All the nearby hotels were filled weeks ago.

The room smells overpoweringly of soap/detergent/carpet cleaner. There is a 'fridge and an unplugged microwave and just enough outlets for all my gadgets and their chargers. The outlet nearest the desk is dead and my laptop died just as I was logging in. Argh. The lamp that was plugged in there has a broken switch, too.

I completely forgot I'd be on Eastern time here, so it's 6:30pm already. Despite this I made it to the 'fest on time and picked up my passes for tomorrow. I toured the grounds where people were already selling their junk, but haven't bought anything yet. I spotted a nice Vax 4000/600 that would fit nicely in the car, but the seller wasn't around to give me a price. Judging from his other prices ($25 for a Commodore 1541) I probably won't want it. I remember this guy from last year, though. I bought (and never used) a lot of glassware from him.

I have until 8pm to go back and drop off my stuff to sell, but I'd rather eat now and do that in the morning. All day I've eaten a blueberry muffin, some trail/fruit mix and a Power Bar. It's time for a real meal.


I'm standing in my vendor spot (#2839) at the Hara Arena in Dayton, OH. It's a little cold here but tomorrow will be better. OK, time for some pre-sale shopping...

Fuel stop Ohio exit 10

Heading out

Only an hour and a half late. Got to be in Dayton by 5pm. Might not be any time to stop. Heading into the Dan Ryan hellride...

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Preparing for trip to Dayton is packed, maybe I forgot stuff, maybe I didn't. Got to gas it up and drive down to the Southern Command and stage for a morning departure.

Cats fed? Check.
Big bag of snacks and sugared water? Check.
Enough space in the car to bring back more than I'm leaving with? Check.
DVDs for the hotel room and a second laptop just to play them? Check overkill.
Hungry because I forgot to eat dinner during all the packing? Yep. Jimmy John's, here I come.

(Also - blogging from the Blackberry is pretty slick. Expect a report at every gas stop and roadhouse I encounter!)

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Hey there - another new blog for me. I'll be using this one for technical adventures, showing off old junk I drag home, and random photo uploads. No deep thought here, no pithy observations, at least not intentionally.