Saturday, May 31, 2008

Goin' Down South

Time for more work-sponsored travel! I'm off in the morning for adventure in sunny (!) Orlando, Flordia, staying at the big corporate resort, doing big corporate things. Won't be much time for treasure-hunting down there, but as always I'll report any notable events.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Yes, it fit.

Why yes, that *is* a big piece of plywood with a 1A2 key system and a bunch of 66 blocks on it. Another trip to a local treasure horde. Amongst the haul: DEC VT05 terminal, a couple Columbia portable PCs with no drives, a very minty first edition, possible first printing of Ted Nelson's "Computer Lib" (1974,) some interesting old DEC sales lit and programming guides, and no small number of splinters in my hand from carrying the above board.

Now that it's in the car (I had help,) I'm not sure how to get it out.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday, May 4, 2008

After the 'fest

Sunburned neck, aching feet, another fine Spring morning spent outdoors. Getting up earlier than I do most work days, I traveled 60+ miles each way to Sandwich, IL for another round of the junk-hunt. Today's haul:

- Kaypro 1 computer (actually their last machine, not their first)
- Informer terminal
- 1940s-era Western Electric 302 no-dial phone in (an) original box (not sure it belongs to this phone)
- Rotary Princess phone in *black*
- A bunch of XLR cables
- A bunch of random Mac and phone cables and parts
- A couple handy parts boxes with a lot of unknown stuff in them
- Western Digital WDXT-GEN2 Plus ISA MFM hard drive controller in-box
- Radio Shack CPA-1000 dialed number recorder
- Three new Black and Decker tool batteries that I'll take apart for some project
- I'm sure there was some other stuff, but my feet hurt and I can't see the rest of the pile from here

At the hamfest

The fairgrounds at Sandwich, IL