Sunday, May 4, 2008

After the 'fest

Sunburned neck, aching feet, another fine Spring morning spent outdoors. Getting up earlier than I do most work days, I traveled 60+ miles each way to Sandwich, IL for another round of the junk-hunt. Today's haul:

- Kaypro 1 computer (actually their last machine, not their first)
- Informer terminal
- 1940s-era Western Electric 302 no-dial phone in (an) original box (not sure it belongs to this phone)
- Rotary Princess phone in *black*
- A bunch of XLR cables
- A bunch of random Mac and phone cables and parts
- A couple handy parts boxes with a lot of unknown stuff in them
- Western Digital WDXT-GEN2 Plus ISA MFM hard drive controller in-box
- Radio Shack CPA-1000 dialed number recorder
- Three new Black and Decker tool batteries that I'll take apart for some project
- I'm sure there was some other stuff, but my feet hurt and I can't see the rest of the pile from here

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